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Charger Inverter

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Title: Charger Inverter
Description: The circuitry of these new Inverter/Chargers incorporates a technology which is field-proven and was carefully refined for years in both harsh industrial and sensitive utility applications. Now this rugged design is offered for marine applications where reliability and performance are paramount, and low noise operation has become a critical factor in the boat owner's choice of power products. While incorporating numerous important features these inverter/chargers are engineered with a high functionality approach that installers will appreciate. All connectors and mounts are heavy duty commercial grade. Ten models are available for use with 12 or 24 volt battery systems and provide continuous rated AC power ranging from 1200 to 4800 watts at 115 VAC, 60 Hz, or 230 VAC, 50 Hz, depending on model. Called the "Perfect Wave" Series, these inverter-chargers deliver pure, sinusoidal* AC for flawless operation of all appliances and sensitive electronics. They are ideal for entertainment systems and micro-processor-based equipment such as computers which are intolerant to AC wave distortion.

*except model 2500IC, which produces quasi-sine wave

All models incorporate a built-in automatic transfer switch which activates multi-stage battery charger for rapid and safe replenishment of the inverter battery bank whenever shore or generator AC power is available. All models feature numerous circuit and safety protections, such as thermally controlled cooling fans, low voltage cutout, thermal and overload protection and ground fault interruption, and are housed in rugged powder coated aluminum cases suitable for permanent horizontal or bulkhead mounting. An optional remote indicator and control panel is available for all models.


Rugged hostile environment-proven circuitry generates “Perfect Wave” AC for powering any appliance, from wattage-hungry refrigeration to highly input-sensitive computers, electronic controllers/processors.

Built-in high outpu
Manufacturer: NEWMAR
Model: 12-1800IC
Year: 2015
Matt Balogh
Registration Date: Apr 22, 2013
Phone: (513) 242-0808
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